Academic Team


CIF's in-charge of its critical edition project on the Brahmasutra Sankara Bhashya, Dr.Sankaranarayanan is a well versed scholar in traditional and modern Sanskrit learning. A Vedic Ghanapati, (the honored title given to a vedic scholar proficient in reciting the Vedas in the customary manner), he is also a historian and professor of Sanskrit, with valuable experience working on several projects of premier institutions of national importance like Indian Council for Philosophical Research. Having served as an officer in the Archeological Survey of India, he joined the Oriental Research Institute, Sri Venkateshwara University, Tirupati as its director. Post-retirement, he associated with the Adyar Library and research center, Chennai. Dr. Sankaranarayanan has several books and research papers to his credit.


Dr. R. Balasubramanian is a leading Indian philosopher who was Director, Radhakrishnan Institute for Advanced Study in Philosophy, University of Madras, for a number of years. His field of specialization is Advaita, Phenomenology, and Existentialism. At present he is a professor at Sri Aurobindo School of Eastern and Western Thought, Pondicherry University and President, Afro-Asian Philosophy Association. He was Chairman of Indian Council of Philosophical Research.


Prof. V. N. Jha, is the Former Director of the Centre of Advanced Study in Sanskrit, University of Pune. Born in 1946 in West Bengal, educated in Bengal, Varanasi, and Pune upto Ph.D., he also received traditional training at the feet of Pdt. Srinivasa Sastrygal and Sivaramakrishnan Sastrygal; authored and edited over 50 books and over 100 research articles related with Indian intellectual traditions; taught in Nagoya university (Japan), Lausanne University (Switzerland), Humboldt University (Germany) and Mahathma Gandhi Institute (Mauritius) as visiting professor; areas of special interest: Indian philosophical systems and Indian intellectual culture.


Presently serving as a professor of Sanskrit at Catholicate College, Pattanimthitta, Kerala, Dr.Namboodiri is also a recognized research guide in Sanskrit in the Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. With a specialization in Sanskrit poetics and literature, he has to his credit many published research articles.