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1. Anuj Gupta

Hari Om and greetings, thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my feedback for the Vedic Mathematic Course. Before I begin, let me introduce myself. My name is Anuj Gupta, a high school student currently residing in Ontario, Canada. I enrolled a few months ago, and am currently studying the seventh lesson. Here are some of my thoughts so far:

The course so far has been enjoyable, and is easy to master each lesson once you understand and apply the knowledge to the practice problems. There have been very little obstacles, although I had initially thought that it might be difficult to learn since it originated from India and the fact that my Hindi and Sanskrit are very poor. However, as I read through the course introduction and syllabus, I was surprised to see it all in English. In fact, there are some texts in each lesson which are written in Hindi/Sanskrit, but underneath each “Sutra” there lies a translated piece in English. In addition, the introductory lesson contains a page of how to read and speak each Sanskrit character.

Although the course does provide and strengthen one's mental math aptitude, I currently have only seen a few practical applications of it in day to day life. For instance, when buying groceries and awaiting check-out, you can use it to give a rough estimation of your bill before it is all counted. Other than that, I have not noticed any other changes. Nevertheless, I can imagine that my resourceful and quick thinking skills would continue to get better as I learn newer ways to tackle problems, and decide whether to use an old or new method to solve problems efficiently. Otherwise I am not too sure yet,how it would help me significantly in my regular school studies.

One minor improvement I may suggest is that there should be an increasing amount of practice problems at the end of each lesson as the student approaches end of a section, and that these additional problems may be answered using methods from the previous lessons. This would encourage students to continue practicing older methods and keeping it fresh in their minds prior to the Questionnaires (although the student is already expected to review previous lessons time to time). A second but trivial improvement is to add more examples in each lesson on how to solve problems using the newly learned method. Not too many, but two or 3 should suffice.

Overall, I am enjoying this math course a lot, as math is my favourite and best subject at school. I am glad that I am able to express feedback for it, as well as that I still have a long way to go before completion. I want to thank Vivekji to introduce this course to me.

Thanks again,

Anuj Gupta