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Essays On Indic Studies

Parallelism In Interpreting The Vedao In a well known Rik1, Rishi, Deerghatamas exhorts that one must needs know the meaning of the Vedic Riks with a view to understanding the nature of the gods who dwell in the highest heaven sitting on the imperis
The concept of creating and regulating time in vedic ritual Time is an important factor that governs the life of man. Numerous speculations have been put forth by various thinkers about ‘time’. These speculations are based upon numerous philosophica
Management principles in the organisation of sacrifices Sacrifice was a complex institution in ancient India going back to remote antiquity which assumed enormous intricacy in the later times, especially in the Brahmanical period. The importance of
"Tradition" in Hindu thought" There is no direct word used in Sanskrit to denote the concept of tradition but this concept is implied in various definitions of Dharma. It can be said in general that in the Hindu way of thinking, “trad
Towards a synthetic history of indian classical literature Few countries in the world like India enjoy a cultural activity and a sustained literary activity spread on the subcontinent and continued over nearly three thousand years. Sanskrit has been



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