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Gita-vyakaranam by Sri Prabhakar Kalavade and Smt Lalita Kalavade

Gītā-vyākaraṇam by Sri Prabhakar Kalavade and Smt Lalita Kalavade (Based on Pāṇinian Grammar) This book is a word-to-word meaning and explanation of each śloka of the Bhagavad Gītā based on the Pāṇinian Grammar. Devoted and dedicated study of two ślokas daily will ensure that you complete your study of the Bhagavad Gītā in one year. We are grateful to the authors and translators Sri Prabhakar Kalavade and Smt Lalita Kalavade.The authors have chosen to allow 'view only' option. Download is not available for the files in this article.

Gita Vyakarnam Book 1
Gita Vyakarnam Book 2
Gita Vyakarnam Book 3
Gita Vyakarnam Book 4



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