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The Journey With The Master

In present times, there has been such a shift from the original nature and stature of mankind that we have drifted so much away from our true form. The shift and the drift are so humongous, that today we bear no resemblance to the original. To say that we are reduced to a mere apology of our original form is but an understatement and an illustration of this can be seen in our form that is presently trending. Though this is unbelievable, yet it is true. Enough has been said of this and we need to urgently work on getting back to the glory that defines us, without further ado. 

The youth force across the globe needs be harnessed in this direction as quickly as possible, almost on a war footing to help save the planet. They should be helped to connect to their real Self to find themselves for the rest to happen, in terms of dealing with the ups and downs of their life journey to reach their goal post of success. This book ‘Just Like That’ is a road map to help achieve this. This book of quotes, observations and anecdotes, aims at providing help here and now, working both as standalone small power capsules and as an organised whole, when read together. The instructed practices are doable right here, right now to regain a foothold on our original stature and form. The book is reader friendly and is steadfast in always addressing the reader’s query ‘What’s in it for me?’ Read and discover ‘yourself’.

The Journey With The Master by Anitha Arunsimha



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