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Upanishad Course Online

The Upanishads reveal to us that in truth we are beyond life and death, good and bad; that we are the supreme Brahman, the highest Reality. Inclusive of all, excluding nothing, this ultimate Reality of life when realized through the triple means of shravana, manana and nididhyasana (listening, reflection and meditation) reveals the Self as source of all Bliss and Knowledge within. The entire universe becomes one’s own abode, and comes to be experienced as a glorious expression of the Self. Come revel in the Upanishads, bask in its knowledge, discover yourself and become fulfilled. What are you waiting for?

Beginner Course Medium: English

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More about the Course

Course Author

The Course has been authored by Pūjya Swami Tejomayananda, the mentor and guide of the Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. Pujya Guruji, as he is reverentially and endearingly addressed in Chinmaya Mission, is a master of Vedāntic tradition and the Bhakti lore, and is a renowned teacher of Vedānta, as well as an author of many commentaries and independent treatises on Vedānta and Bhakti literature. This course indeed offers the crystallized, experiential wisdom and insights of Pūjya Guruji, with great depth and clarity, delivered with simplicity and ease of assimilation. It bears the understated elegance and excellence, simplicity and profundity, of which Pūjya Guruji is a living embodiment.

Course Eligibility

Being an advanced study that demands a deeper understanding of Vedanta applicants will benefit well if they have been already introduced to Vedānta, or must have studied at least a few prakaraṇa-granthas or basic texts of Vedānta. Since the Course is in English, the knowledge of Sanskrit is not a requirement. A sincere longing for Truth is however a significant eligibility and nothing betters it!

Course Details

  • The duration of the Upanishad Course Online is one year.
  • The course comprises 24 lessons (@ 2 lessons per month) and a total of 24 questionnaires.
  • Online mode is available for those who register for this.
  • Registered students will be provided access credentials and link to the online platform.
  • You can register from our website. Once the payment is received your registration for the Course will be activated.
  • Log on to the website and then access your Course through ‘My Courses’ Section.
  • Download your first lesson, study the lesson, watch the video recording of the lesson and then submit your answers through the ‘Take Exam’ option.
  • Attendance will be tracked through the system.
  • You have to submit your answers online, within 15 days of downloading your lesson.
  • Your answers are checked by the Tutor and the score is provided.
  • The score will be uploaded to your webpage so that you will be able to view it.
  • Once your answers are submitted, you will be able to download the next set of lessons.
  • Those who successfully complete the course will be given a ‘Course Completion Certificate’ of merit signed by Pujya Swami Swaroopanandai, Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. You could collect the ‘Course Completion Certificate’ either during our convocation programme on Adi Sankara Jayanti day (around April - May every year) or opt for postal delivery.

Discussion Forum / Chat Blog

We recommend students of the Upanishad Course to discuss, share and exchange notes with fellow students through the CIF Online Discussion Forum/Chat Bolg.Visit: Discussion forum link

Guidance notes for the students to use the ‘Discussion Forum’, will be mailed separately on registration for the course.

Access to Lessons

In the Online mode, the lessons are to be downloaded from the website and answers should be submitted; followed by an online evaluation process. In addition, the students of the Online Mode will have access to the Video Recordings of each lesson which they can watch and learn simultaneously. Grades can be viewed online.

For Queries

The Administrator - Home Study Courses

Chinmaya International Foundation, Adi Sankara Nilayam

Veliyanad, Ernakulam District, Pin - 682313, Kerala, India.

Phone: +91-92077-11140 | +91-484-2749676, E-mail:

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  • Tue, 03-Dec-2019
    chandru sharma
    A gist of all the upanishads given topic-wise, is unique by itself. Pujya Guruji has made the subject so clear and so very interesting. it is an immense pleasure to attend the course and broaden one's knowledge fortnight-by-fortnight. Pujya Swamiji Ved ji brings in his own clarity while expounding on the topics. He highlights the areas of importance in each of the areas and has an easy and interesting way of communicating his thoughts. Every discourse is a delight for me.
  • Mon, 03-Aug-2020
    HfjNUlYZ HfjNUlYZ
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