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Basic Sanskrit for Beginners (Special Course on Sandhi-prakarana)

To develop an understanding of the basic concepts of Sandhi-prakarana

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To develop an understanding of the basic concepts of Sandhi-prakarana


  • Svara Sandhi
  • Dirgha Sandhi (दीर्घसन्धिः)
  • Guna Sandhi (गुणसन्धिः)
  • Vruddhi Sandhi (वृद्धिसन्धिः)
  • Yan Sandhi (यण्-सन्धिः)
  • Ayadi Sandhi (अयादिसन्धिः)
  • Purvarupa Sandhi (पूर्वरूपसन्धिः)
  • Pararupa Sandhi (पररूपसन्धिः)
  • Prakrutibhava Sandhi (प्रकृतिभावसन्धिः)
  • Vyanjana Sandhi
  • Shchutva Sandhi (श्चुत्वसन्धिः)
  • Shtutva Sandhi (ष्टुत्वसन्धिः)
  • Chartva Sandhi (चर्त्वसन्धिः)
  • Jashtva Sandhi (जश्त्वसन्धिः)
  • Anusvara Sandhi (अनुस्वारसन्धिः)
  • Anusvara Parasavarna Sandhi (अनुस्वारपरसवर्णसन्धिः)
  • Anunasika Purva Suvarna Sandhi (अनुसनासिकपूर्वसवर्णसन्धिः)
  • Gamutaagama Sandhi (ङमुट्-आगमसन्धिः)
  • Chhatva Sandhi (छत्वसन्धिः)
  • Tug-aagama Sandhi (तुगागमसन्धिः)
  • Other Sandhis (latva, shashchoti etc.)
  • Visarga Sandhi
  • Visarga changing into Ukara (उकारः)
  • Visarga elision (लोपः)
  • Visarga changing into र् (रेफः)
  • Visarga changing into स् (सकारः)


  • Participants will be able to identify, split and join the Sandhis.
  • Participants will be able to read treatises such as Rāmāyaṇa, Bhagavad-gītā, Bhāgavata, etc. independently.


Knowledge of Devanagari script is a must

Starting from:

November 6, 2021


25 hours (3 months)


Every Saturday & Sunday, Timing: 8:30 to 9:30 pm IST


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$ 70
  • Camp Starts on (06-11-2021)
  • Last Date for Registration (28-02-2022)