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Exploring the Art of Storytelling

Chinmaya International Foundation presents a webinar on Exploring the Art of Storytelling, facilitated by Smt. Arundhati Sundar. The webinar in English will commence from 22nd January, 2023. This interactive webinar aims at developing the storytelling skills of the participants and help them in becoming master storytellers.

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Storytelling is an ancient art form, an entertainment at social gatherings, a bonding through shared memories in family circles, a celebration in festivals, an imaginative communication of wonders of the world, passing on the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of a culture from generation to generation. It is an essential skill for parents, teachers and Balavihar Sevika/Sevaks. Like any art-form, it can be developed and mastered. Through planned exercises, the aim is to equip the participants with the essential skills to become effective storytellers.


  • Focus on Skill development
  • Active, participative style
  • Be a part of the ancient parampara of storytellers
  • Connect to culture, reconnect to the inner child


Dr. Arundhati Sundar is passionate about connecting to culture through storytelling. She has conducted storytelling workshops for Balavihar Sevikas and Sevaks in several CM Centers in the US and Singapore and lately as an Adjunct Professor of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, an online Storytelling Course for the university students. She was a regular volunteer storyteller in primary schools, public libraries and festival events for 20+ years in the US and Singapore, & an active participant in the Storytellers Circle of the Society for Reading and Literacy in Singapore. From 2011-15 she mentored Balavihar Sevaks in Singapore, creating course content for Balavihars.

During 2020-21, as an Academic Outreach for CIF, Arundhati conducted four online workshops, attended by 70+ participants from Australia, Singapore, India, Dubai, and the US.

Mode: Online over Zoom

Age limit

18 years and above


Sundays Jan 22, 25, Feb 5, &12, 2023

Time 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM (Total duration 12 hours)



Starting from

Jan 22, 2023


Time 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM IST (Total duration 12 hours)

For International participants special timing can be arranged ( Minimum 12 participants)


₹ 3000 / US$ 85 (inclusive of GST)

For group discount Or +91 92077 11136


Call us on: +91 92077 11136


1. What if I have no previous experience as a storyteller?

Ans. Everyone is a potential storyteller. The facilitator will play the role of a mentor and guide to develop and enhance that potential.

2. What if I miss a class?

Ans. Recorded sessions will be available. WhatsApp Group for updates and essential communication will be setup (optional membership).

3. What if I am not proficient in speaking English?

Ans. Since the sessions deal with storytelling, any level of communication is acceptable.


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