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Vedic Mathrix – 2023

Chinmaya International Foundation in association with School of Vedic Maths bring you the 14th edition of Vedic Mathrix – 2023 residential summer camp.

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About the Camp:

The camp facilitated by Sri Vinay Nair (author of CIF’s Vedic Mathematics Course) and Sri Mahit Warhadpande deals with:.

  • Geometry and Astronomy from ancient India and Europe,
  • Ancient Indian coding systems,
  • Inquiry into the history of mathematics,
  • Exploration in mathematics and much more. 

Who can attend?

This residential camp will be conducted from 17 to 21 April, 2023 is open for all those in the age group: 13 years and above, who have a basic understanding of Pythagorean Theorem, Algebraic Expressions, and Geometric Constructions. 


Sri Vinay Nair, is the co-founder of Raising A Mathematician Foundation, founder of Vichar Vatika and School of Vedic Maths. Having an experience in K-12 education with a keen interest in history of Indian mathematics, Vinay Nair interacts with students and teachers with the perspective of making mathematics livelier and more palatable. He closely works with and guides students who are exceptionally bright in mathematics, and conducts programs both online and offline for students across ages. He has been involved in national level projects such as: 

  • conceptualizing a Mathematics Museum for a project of the Principal Scientific Advisor’s office, 
  • being part of NCERT’s committee on finding causes for Math phobia, and more. He loves to blog and has also authored two books.

He has been invited to speak on TEDx thrice and is a great mathematics communicator. He recently conducted a TEDx presentation on ‘Magic of Mathematics’, here is the link:

Sri Mahit Warhadpande is an M.Tech in Electrical Engineering, who spent many years in the corporate sector, prior to turning his attention completely to his passion for Mathematics and Mathematics education. He is the Chief Editor for Mathematics in the Bharatiya Shiksha Board and takes special interest in astronomy and doing inquiry into astronomical theories. He also loves juggling and volunteers to teach the art in a school for students from the marginalized sections. He delves not only into the performance of juggling but also into the Mathematics and Physics that go along with it.


  • Designing experiments in astronomy, constructing theories in astronomy, inquiry-based approach to astronomical ideas
  • Geometric constructions using rope and nails, proofs and theorems beyond school curriculum
  • Explorations in Square Root of 2
  • Discussions, Debates, Quizzes, Outdoor and Indoor Games, Village walk
  • Ancient Indian Ciphers

Camp Details:

Date: 17 to 21 April 2023

Suggested age group: 13 years and above

Preferred knowledge: Pythagorean Theorem, Basic ideas in Geometry, Manipulating Algebraic expressions

Camp Donation: ₹8,500/US$200

Early bird registration on or before 15 December 2022: ₹7,500/US$180


Phone: +91 92077 11136, +91 92077 11137


Link to register:

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$ 200
  • Camp Starts on (17-04-2023)
  • Last Date for Registration (16-04-2023)