Achievements of CIF

  • One of the four premier Research Institutions of India that has been recognized by Govt of India as Shodha Sansthan or Centre For Excellence in Sanskrit Research.
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), NewDelhi (the world's largest open university) offers CIF's 'Easy Sanskrit Course' as its Certificate Course. More such courses are in the offing.
  • Currently developing a software for Natural Language Processing using Paniniyan Principles of Sanskrit Grammar in collaboration with University of Hyderabad and International Institute of Information Technology.*
  • Offers Postal and Online Vedanta and Sanskrit Courses.
  • Publication of rare Sanskrit and philosophical works like Holy Gita Ready Reference, Ishwaradarshanam, Sri Ramajatakam, Gitanjali, Suktisudha and so on.
  • Student friendly commentary on the Brahmasutra.*
  • Preservation and digitalisation of Sanskrit Manuscripts.*