Brief Summary of Upanishads

'Brief Summary of Upanishads' gives the gist of Upanishads studied during the 16th Vedanta Course (2014-16) conducted by Resident Acharya, Sw. Bodhatmanandaji, at Sandeepany Sadhanalya, Mumbai, under the overall Guidance of Poojya Guruji, Sw. Tejomayanandaji. The summary is meant for basic understanding & quick reference. The summary contains the salient aspects of Upanishads followed by overall meaning with elaboration as explained by Acharyaji during the sessions. In some cases, all mantras and their meanings with elaboration are also given. The 11 Upanishads studied during the course are Aitareya, Isha, Katha, Taittiriya, Kena, Chhandogya, Kaivalya, Amrita-Bindu, Mundaka, Prashna & Mandukya.

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1 Brief Summary of Upanishads

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