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‘Vedānta Ḍinḍimaḥ’,  literally the ‘Drumbeats of Vedānta’, is a famous composition of Ādi Śaṅkarācārya. In 94 exquisite verses, the celebrated Master expound the essentials of Vedānta in a simple yet profound manner. The treatise expounds the subject matter of Advaita, which is the identity of Sākṣi, the witnessing principle in us, with Brahman, the absolute reality, in a very unique and charming manner. A must study for every student of Advaita Vedānta.

Bhagavān Dakṣiṇā Mūrti is the expression of the supreme Reality, who showers the wisdom of oneness on a spiritual seeker. ‘Dakṣiṇā Mūrti Varṇamāla Stotraṁ’ is a composition by Śrī Ādi Śaṅkarācārya revealing the mūla mantra of Dakṣiṇā Mūrti, the absolute Truth and the path to realize the Self. The text is a charming blend of both knowledge and devotion and a veritable treat to all lovers of devotion-filled-knowledge.

Event Start Date 24-04-2020
Event End Date 30-04-2020
Course Facilitator Swami Advayananda and Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati
Text/Subject Vedānta Ḍinḍimaḥ & Dakṣiṇā Mūrti Varṇamāla Stotraṁ
Language English
Type Public

Camp Highlights

  • Faster calculation techniques
  • Learning through pattern-observations
  • Multiple ways of solving problems
  • Exploration in Number Theory
  • Indoor & Outdoor Games,Bhajans and lot of fun activities

 Age: 11 – 13 years

Maximum number of participants: 35

Event Start Date 26-04-2020
Event End Date 03-05-2020
Course Facilitator Vinay Nair & Pallavi Patil
Text/Subject Vedic Maths
Language English

Being born an Indian, it is our duty that we have a complete understanding of our scriptures and traditions which are the basic part of our culture. It is also important that we create this sense of belonging right from the childhood among our kids.

CHYK Adi Sankara Nilayam and Chinmaya International Foundation (CIF) together bring you BALA KRISHNAM 2020 -a camp based on the Child Geniuses from Indian history and scriptures. This camp which includes movie workshops, storytelling, games, bhajans, activities and much more is for children between the age group of 8 - 12 years.

Event Start Date 02-05-2020
Event End Date 04-05-2020
Course Facilitator Yuvaveers
Text/Subject Child Geniuses
Language English
Type Public

Taittiriya Upanishad - Brahmananda Valli in Tamil by Swami Shashvatananda, CM Salem.

Vivekachoodamani (select verses) in English by Smt. Vibhuti Shah, CM Trichy


Camp Details

Reporting: 12th May before 09.00 AM

Departure: Can be planned from 16th May after lunch

For more details and registration contact:

CIF-Camp co ordinator - Prajitha - +91 9207711136

Swami Shashvatananda - +91 94956 90135

Smt. Vibhuthi Shah - +91 99444 53533



Event Start Date 12-05-2020
Event End Date 16-05-2020
Course Facilitator Swami Shashvatananda , Smt. Vibhuti Shah
Text/Subject Taittiriya Upanishad - Brahmananda Valli, Vivekachoodamani
Language Tamil , English
Type Public

Based on Ancient Indian Mathematics

Enjoy the Magic of Magic Squares

Age: 13 years and above




Pandiagonal Magic Squares

World famous Magic Squares

Construction of 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, Prime number Magic Squares

Coding and Combinatorics in Magic Squares

Exploration in other Magical shapes

History and development of Magic Squares in India

Group Discussions, Debates, Indoor & Outdoor Games

Event Start Date 06-06-2020
Event End Date 10-06-2020
Course Facilitator Vinay Nair
Text/Subject Based on Ancient Indian Mathematics
Language English
Type Public