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Bhagavata Stuti Mala with Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda

Srimad Bhagavatam:

Profound yet enchanting, Srimad Bhagavatam is a text that paints wondrous word-pictures of the Lord's myriad avatars and His divine sport. In addition, there are endearing stories of His devotees and their outpouring of love and reverence, which kindles, intensifies, and establishes deep devotion in the listener’s heart! Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji, in his impeccable style, has selected some of these beautiful verses, fashioning a beautiful garland: Bhagavata Stuti Mala.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to listen to Pujya Guruji expounding this divine text for the first time at Adi Sankara Nilayam!

Diwali Celebrations:

The auspicious festival of Diwali which falls during the Camp will be celebrated with great joy and festivity. The Diwali Lakshmi Puja will be performed by Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati. It is indeed an elevating experience to witness the pujas performed by Swamiji. Swamiji has been the Acharya of the Purohit Courses conducted by the Chinmaya Mission and also the Upacharya for two batches of the Vedanta Courses at Sandeepany.

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Event Details
Event Start Date 28 October 2018
Event End Date 07 November 2018
Registration Start Date 15 February 2018
Category Camps/Retreats
Suggested Fee USD 250.00 AC Accommodation
USD 200.00 Non-AC Accommodation
Venue Chinmaya International Foundation, Adi Sankara Nilayam, Adi Sankara Marg, Veliyanad, Ernakulam - 682313
Contact Detail Abin R.: +91 92077 11136, Sreelekshmi: +91 92077 11148, Office: +91 484 2747307, Email:
Course Facilitator Swami Tejomayananda
Text Covered Srimad Bhagavat
Language English

Like every year, this year also Pujya Guruji’s Diwali camp was held at Chinmaya International Foundation from 28th October 2018 to 7th November 2018. The camp started off by a session taken by Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati, Acharya, Kerala Sandeepany which is currently being held at Chinmaya International Foundation. The text taken by Pujya Guruji was Bhagavata Stuti Mala. Bhagavata Stuti Mala is one of Pujya Guruji’s composition on the select verses from Srimad Bhagavatam. Along with the sessions on Bhagavata Stuti Mala by Pujya Guruji, classes were also taken by Swami Sridharanandaji, Regional Head, Chinmaya Mission, Tamil Nadu, Swamini Aradhananandaji, Brni. Anupama Chaitanya on various topics. Around 130 delegates attended the camp. Every day Gurupaduka Puja was performed by the devotees. During the camp, Pujya Guruji released CIF publications’ – DVDs – ‘What is Vedanta?’, ‘Nasadiya Suktam’, ‘Lessons from the Mahabharata for Modern Bharat – Focus on Astronomy’, ‘Vyasa Valmiki Kalidasa’. Two books – ‘The Gordian Knot of Self Effort and Destiny’ and Sanskrit book ‘Vedantamuktavali’ were also released. On the last day, an audio DVD of ‘Sampurna Bhagavatam Parayana’ in Sanskrit, one of the outstanding works of Chinmaya International Foundation, was released. Various publications like Adi Sankara-Finite to Infinite, Brahmasutra-catuhsutri Sankarabhasyam, Vedanta Sangraha of Ramaraya Kavi (Essentials of Vedanta) were available for the campers at a discounted rate as Book of the Day & DVD of the day. Dr. R. N. Sreenathan, Academic Director of Chinmaya International Foundation gave a presentation to the campers on the various activities of CIF. Presentations on Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth (CVV) by Dr. Gauri Mahulikar, Dean and Vice Chancellor in-charge of CVV and NM Sundar, Executive Secretary of Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth Trust Board were also made. On 6th November, the campers together with the CIF family celebrated the Diwali Puja by lighting lamps all around Chinmaya Swayambhu Ayyappa Temple and also around the campus. The last session was taken by Pujya Guruji on 6th November followed by the distribution of financial assistance of Rs.11.5 lakhs to 30 families affected by the recent flood in Kerala. The programme concluded with the Valedictory where Guruji announced the dates for the next year’s Diwali camp at CIF (20th October 2018 to 30th October 2018). On the Diwali day, Lakshmi Puja was performed in the evening of 6th December by Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati to invoke the blessings.

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