Home Study Course Feedback

1. Kalpana Vaswani

Respected Sir,

Hari Om.We are truly grateful to to the Guru-Shisya parampara for making available the life-transforming teachings of the Bhagvad-gita

in such a lucid and easy to comprehend style. Each lesson provides much to reflect on. Revision of past lessons is necessary to retain the finer points of the

teachings. Our prostrations to the compassionate Guru who wants us to strive for the higher ways of thinking and living.

I certainly try to inspire others to benefit from the course as well.

I was unable to submit my answers to lesson 10 in time as our 18 year old son had to leave for undergraduate studies in the US.

I will mail my answers tomorrow.Thank you for your indulgence.

Pranam and Regards, 
Kalpana Vaswani

2. Vidya Venkateswaran

Hari Om,

Thank you very much ! Please let me know when I will receive the certificate of completion. 

Also I wanted to let you know that doing the bhagavad gita course was a wonderful experience for me. It was like my daily dose of spiritual study. Hats off to the Chinmaya mission for making such spiritual courses available for common people.

Thanks again,
Vidya Venkateswaran

3. M.L.Kantha Rao


Ref: Reg. No 31108S118.


I have undergone the CIF Home Study Course on Bhagvad Gita  through postal correspondence, and have also obtained the certificate on successful completion.  I am extremely thankful to Chinmaya International  Foundation for conducting this course.  I am sure that  it will benefit all those who have done this course. I look forward  to such courses that would be conducted in future.


I have carefully preserved the Bhagvad  Gita lessions , as it will be a constant source of reference for me. However one of the lessons ( Lesson 14 ) got misplaced , and try as I might I have not been able to locate the same.  I request you to write whether I would be able to get a replacement of Lesson 14 , ( either a hard copy or a soft copy )  so that all the lessons could be bound  in book form for ready reference.


I shall send you the cost of the lesson as well as postal charges  , on hearing from you.
Best regards
M.L.Kantha Rao 

4. Mala Sekhar


ThankS to Gurudev, Guruji and the whole team of chinmaya mission members actively involved in putting this course up, evaluating the answers and guiding us patiently.Only because of this it was possible for me to complete the course. The hall mark of the course was its lucid explanations to complicated sanskrit verses. Despite the fact that my knowledge of sanskrit is very limited, at no point did I feel that it came in the way of my understanding the lessons. So I am very grateful to the whole team of "learn Gita' wo made it possible for people like me to have the Gita delivered in their homes and that too in simple, understandable language. I have benefitted immensely and hope many more people will be able to reap the benefits that this course offers. The Guru came to my home to teach me what more can I ask for. I feel really blessed and seek Gurudev's and Guruji's blessings to live the Gita way of life and be a shinning example to others.

My address ias 
Mala Sekhar

5. Shalini Prasad

Hari Om!

Thank you very much for the information.

The course has been a very good journey and I have learnt, implemented, experimented and feel that to so some extent my thinking pattern has changed. This has also added more value to my Balvihar and Study roup classes. The simple words that explain the deep concepts in the Gita is very useful when I need to convey them to the youngsters.

My heartfelt thanks to Guruji and all those who contributed to the course material and all those who evaluated my answer scripts.
Thank You,
Hari Om,
Shalini Prasad.

6. Anonymous

I have now completed the Great Bhagwad Gita course set. It indeed is the crest jewel of the spiritual wisdom of India.

This course has certainly endowed  me with a holistic vision of life and provided the clarity of thinking required for success in every sphere of my life – spiritual and secular.

 I thank that, with the grace of the my Sadaguru Hanumanji and the blessings of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji I was enabled to complete this course successfully. I thank, appreciate and bow with honour Pujya Gurudev Swami Tejomayanandji for this pleasant spiritual course and the knowledge I have gained.

I do accept and understand the joy of living the Gita Way of Life as the Course is offered as a reverential worship unto the Lotus Feet of the Gita Acharyas – Bhagavan Veda Vyasa of yore and Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji of our times.

I also thank all who has put a lot of effort to write and create this course as it certainly is the crest jewel.

It was a honour and my sincere thanks for all the support and assistance given for my upkeep of the course by all the staff at the Chinmaya International Foundation Centre.

I pray and hope with blessing from my Sadaguru and Almighty I shall continue with this knowledge which certainly will enhance my life even further with the clarity of my spiritual and secular life.

7. Virendra Dasani

Hari Om

Virendra Dasani

There were several reasons for my finishing the course much ahead of the standard schedule. I will try to explain as follows -

    • This is how I generally go about doing each and everything. Once I decide to do something, I am fully committed to it, whole heartedly and single pointedly. I had earlier      completed the Advanced E-Vedanta Course in a similar time frame. However, there is no compromise in the effort I had put in. It is the sheer intensity and commitment      which has gone into reading and assimilating the contents and writing and typing the answers, which could be comparable to some of the best full time students.
    • I had been a relatively serious seeker for the last 12 years, in whatever small way. Although I don't claim academic or scholarly authority, I had made serious effort to understand     the inner purport of various spiritual scriptures of Hindu tradition as well as the writings of some of the western masters, dealing with the highest truth. Hence, the broad concepts     contained in the course were not alien to me for quick apprehension.
    • I find it more effective to go through the entire song in totality, which provides a better overall perspective with proper integration of disjointed pieces of wisdom. The standard     duration of 15 months was certainly too long for me to sustain interest.
    • Reading, thinking, contemplation, meditation and enquiry into some of the fundamental questions of existence is an integrated part of my life. However, I am also a householder     with fairly heavy load of personal and professional responsibilities. I try to discharge them too with a sense of commitment similar to this course. This calls for lot of     balancing with the two discrete functions. Answering question papers becomes little formal learning putting demands on time and I would rather be through with them     quickly so that I am able to use the time I have on actually internalizing the knowledge through contemplation and meditation.
    • The course material / lessons are for my personal reference. I am articulate in preserving such things in a neat manner.  I have no such intentions to use them in any other      manner, including teaching, presently. Neither I have any audience nor the academic authority to teach Gita as Gita, understanding apart ! 
    • I am certainly not particular about the certificate, which has little use for me. Still, I would look forward to receive evaluated answers as soon as they are done.
    • Please also send me the print enabled versions of Lessons - 21, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, and 30 for permanent reference.

After having said that, I must reassure you that I had immensely enjoyed having gone through the course. The entire course has been designed beautifully, the course content is excellent and there is hardly anything I can think of which is lacking.