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  1. Mridula
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 06 March 2019
Among the pancabhUtas, if AkAs'a is at a different level, as it is omnipresent, and has no change although it may be limited by upAdhibheda (pot-space, room-space etc), what is the reason behind grouping it alongwith the other four elements? Can't it be spoken of independently like AtmA, kAla, dik etc.?
  1. Mahavir
  2. 6 months ago
  3. #50
Hari Om! Atma alone exists and is sentient. All the panca maha bhutas are inert and do not have independent existence although they are the material cause of the world. That's why they are grouped together.
They are also progressively subtler i.e. water is subtler than earth, fire more than water, air more than fire and space more than air. That's why space is not really limited by pot or room--it just appears to be so.
  1. Mridula
  2. 6 months ago
  3. #57
Hari Om, Thank you, your explanation helped!
  1. Mahavir
  2. 6 months ago
  3. #61
Hari Om! Manishaji, Br. Vedji clarified this question in the Q&A session below -- It comes around 28:35 -- That would be a better explanation

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