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  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 25 February 2019
There are 2 questions put-forth by Swamiji to reflect on.
1. The necessity of Lord Krishna granting Self-knowledge to Arjuna straight away.
Ans :- Sri Krishna is there to solve the problem right from the seed.
Where does the seed begin? from ignorance
problem at its source of ignorance.

Who am I and What is this world - clarity will arise..
Then I and my will go away.

Sri Krishna address the ignorance -> I and my will go away -> sorrow will go away -> delusion go away -> clarity will arise and Arjuna problem will go away.

nashto - my ignorance is gone and i have regained my understanding. Arjuna knows but the problem is when the sorrow comes all the knowledge we have will not come for use.

all of us are wise before the problem and after the problem and not while the problem, and tat is why we can advice everyone correctly.

We do mistakes and commit blunders and create commotion in the world, at the time of problem we become embodiment of ignorance.
the wisdom becomes unavailable because of the series of errors one after another landing us into trouble.

what one should do is given after removing ignorance.
The teaching of Bhagavat Gita is wholesome and not partial, even though the problem of Arjuna for which Arjuna surrendered to God is for right or wrong.

The actual problem of Arjuna, is not just right or wrong as he knows.
But his knowledge is clouded by sorrow ( absence of clarity).
Bhagavan Sri Krishna goes to the source of problem and enables him to such a level that from there he will have no problem in life and he can face. Bhagavad Gita is not a solution for a problem but for all problems of life.
This is my understanding/answer for the first question, but the second question's answer as well seem to be the same as for the first question..
2. The importance of Sri Krishna shifting Arjuna's attention from the perishable body to the imperishable Self..

Can someone clarify if the second question's answer is different or the same as for the first question's answer?
  1. Harish
  2. 6 months ago
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Hari Om, The answer is already given by you, IF we dont have Atma Moha, the root cause is removed. Then there is no soka or Svdharma Moha. That is the reason Bhagwan starts from the highest stand point. Pujya Swmiji also said, if Arjuna just had that question, wheter he should fight the war, HBhagwan could have just said, Yes. I we would not have benifitted from the teaching.
In Shri Guru Smiriti
Harish Shah
  2. 6 months ago
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Hari Om, thanks a lot Harish ji.
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Your second question isn't clear, but from my understanding of the reason of why to shift attention to the perishable body to the imperishable self. It is because at this point Arjun sees the opposing side as his uncle, teacher, cousins etc; and he is in the process of "losing" them. A lot of grief (sorrow/delusion) in generally usually happens is because we are "grieving" over losing someone, but in reality if you know that your relationship with each other is infinite because you are spirit, so even if you lose them in the "earth realm" you will not lose them in the "infinite realm" as you and they are all spirits (atmans etc). (Although for me personally, I understand this concept conceptually but I still grieve over losing relationships etc). (Additionally, in hindsight, I think it is good to know that we are infinite so if someone says something negative about us, we ourselves don't need to take it personally as we are infinite and divine spirits, just like the electricity example, what others call us is their perception of the outer layer they see, and they can't see the spirit inside).
  2. 6 months ago
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Thanks a lot Manisha for the response.
The second question is not mine it is from Swamiji. :) Actually he has a third question as well. These are sent to us though email as the points to be reflected.

Yes, as you said at the perishable body stand-point we think ourselves as body and mind and so we think that we will loose our kith and kin and so the confusion.. Swamij also explained that how we are not this body, as the body will come and go just like how the childhood, youth and the oldage all come and go. So, it is nothing to do with you and me or with anybody else. That explains that we have the wrong notion of the Self as the body which is perishable and so he re-directed Arjuna towards the non-perishable self which is always exist, before, now and afterwards as well.

After your explanation, I went through the discourse-05 again (second chapter) and now got the clarity. Thanks for your detailed explanation. :)
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