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  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 29 May 2019
Good morning,

Although we are not attending any formal group discussions, my wife and I are discussing matters of Truth amongst the two of us on a regular basis. Our discussions are mostly based on parts of the Scriptures we have read or studied. Could this be considered as “satsanga”? We are also studying a the “Advanced Vedanta” home course.

Thank you very much,
  1. Nandini
  2. 3 months ago
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Hari Om! Dear Shri Philippe, Yes. Your discussions with your wife on matters of Scripture are indeed Satsanga. The word "Sat" refers to the ever existent immutable and indestructible one and only Truth. The word "Sanga"means to be with! When we are joined with the higher reality either by Self study of scriptures, or prayers or meditation or by attending discourses by Acharyas or by discussing with our family members or friends, all that constitutes Satsanga! Satsanga leads to spiritual advancement and further Sadhana in that direction will hopefully land us in Self Realisation! Yes. it may take several lifetimes but one must keep trying. In the state of Self realisation, there is only "Nissanga"- already merged with that Truth ! May Bhagvan and the blessings of our Gurus take us there one day!
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Dear Philippe,

Satsanga (सत्सङ्ग) is a Samskrit word derived from joining 2 roots:

Sat सत् : True, Essence or being
Sanga सङ्ग : association

Satsanga can be translated as associating with good/righteous persons. In common usage, Satsanga means sitting together with an enlightened master who gives discourse and answers questions.

Satsanga is any association with holy people, listening to holy scripture or devotional song allowing an individual to elevate his mind from mundane to a higher level of reality.

Hari Om!
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