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  1. Deepthi
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 17 June 2019
Hari Om,
I have a couple of questions regarding the online course.
1) Since we are already midway through the course, can new students enroll now? Having heard chapter 4 by sitting with me, my mother is interested in MGML also. She lives in India and will not be able to travel. She can do the online course.
2) Per the current schedule, the course ends in August 2020. Will we have access to the online videos after that? I would like to start from the beginning after going through the course.
  1. Manohar
  2. 3 months ago
  3. #127
I have the same question about access to videos after the course. It will be helpful to revisit the topics to gain complete understanding.
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Hari Om,

  1. As for Master Gita Master Life is concerned, anyone can be able to join the course any time.

  1. Course materials are available for lifetime access. Even after the course get over, you will be able to access all videos of MGML.

With Prem and Om,
​Nagaraj Bhat
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु
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