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  1. Manohar
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 13 April 2019
Hari Om,

I had the same idea as Swamiji mentioned today about creating an online dictionary of Sanskrit terms.

I propose to make a Google spreadsheet for this and people can contribute the terms they know. It would be good to also add some context about the word like scriptural reference. eg. साधनचतुष्टय (Sadhana Chatustaya) - Vivekachudamani (shloka ref). And give some explanation of the term itself - deeper meaning with respect to where it was mentioned in Gita / discourse. Remain authentic as much as possible. It will help everyone.

Crowd sourcing the efforts of several people, we can build a handy ready reference. We can do so in the spirit of Karma Yoga, learn and apply what we learnt.

If we just create threads to this post, we might lose the ability to access the word quickly. Therefore I am suggesting an online spreadsheet with chapter-wise words and a common index page for all words.

Please let me know your thoughts or ideas. Let us implement an easy and scalable method.

  1. Sujith
  2. 5 months ago
  3. #95
Yes good points ...we together can build brick by brick the words / concepts ...
  1. Yash
  2. 5 months ago
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Manohar Ji and Sujith Ji, how about starting it?
  1. Manohar
  2. 5 months ago
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Here is the link to view: (nothing yet)


If you need write access to contribute send email to mano.bangera@gmail.com with Subject : Sanskrit Dictionary. Thanks for your contribution

  1. Meera
  2. 4 months ago
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Hari Om, Thanks for this wonderful idea. For those of us who are only starting on this spiritual journey and not able to read sanskrit can you please add the words in english as well. Thank You!!
  1. Manohar
  2. 4 months ago
  3. #103
Hari Om

I can add that. But I would like people here to make some effort in learning the Sanskrit alphabets, reading the words and chanting the shlokas.


Further if there are children in schools around you inspire them to take up Samskrit in schools at least as third language. I read that schools in New Zealand, Denmark are using Samskrit chanting to improve English language skills. Also there is renewed interest in Germany and Italy for learning Samskrit.

Lastly, I request some help in creating the dictionary - add new words, meaning and relation. Not looking for all the words but significant technical words.


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Hari Om Manohar Ji,
It seems like to use this spreadsheet you need to give everyone edit access. Can you make the spreadsheet open so it can be edited more easily?
Also I suggest we add words that we capture from each chapter in one sheet. Since separating each word and trying to put it in different sections in dictionary is seemingly harder. Perhaps as the number of words increases we can see how to separate and add it to dictionary.
The columns can be English, Sanskrit, Meaning, Notes.
Also how would we be able to add Sanskrit text? Any particular software for getting the script?
  1. Manohar
  2. 4 months ago
  3. #110
Hari Om. Radharani ji,

Thank you for response. Happy to know that you want to contribute. Please mail me (mano.bangera at gmail.com) as mentioned in the first post. The write access needs to be controlled to avoid mistakes / wrong posting or deletion.

For words in chapter - use the sheets in bottom. The main sheet will have words in Samskrit alphabetic reference. I have highlighted the alphabet of the section.
Current column order is | Samskrit Word | Meaning | Ref |

I like your suggestion we will add 2 more columns and it should like this | Samskrit word | Transliteration | English word | Meaning | Reference / Notes |

For eg
| अपरोक्ष | aproksha | not invisible | Direct perception (of self) | Mention verse or text .. |

For getting the Samskrit text, refer to sites below. The character are Unicode. I want to use some simple transliteration scheme. Need suggestion for this.

http://indiatyping.com/index.php/english-to-hindi-typing (press space after typing transliterated word)

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