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  1. Sridhar
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 02 March 2019
1) It is said that to get Manushya Janma one should have done lots of Punyas in the earlier Janmas. If so where is the question of accrual of Prarabdha Karma?

2) Please elaborate Jiva, Atma, Jivatma, Paramatma.

3)Whether Moksha and Mukti are one and the same.
  1. Nandini
  2. 6 months ago
  3. #26
Hari Om! Manushya Janma is indeed a result of evolution of the Jiva from the animal like existence to a higher existence. Whatever action we do, the same gives a result. Good action brings good result and bad action. brings a bad effect. As some seeds germinate immediately,so do some action get quick and immediate results.But some seeds such as an oak tree take years to germinate. Likewise some actions take a very long time to give results. In Gita, Bhagawan Sri Krishna explains that Karma or action must be done. Doing a selfless action and leaving the result to HIm is the best thing for humans to follow. Bhagawan is the Karmaphaladhyaksha-He Rules over the realm of action and decides what is the result that should accrue. And whether this result should be immediately given or carriied over to next births. We have no control over it. And He alone decides what should be the fruit of action which I should enjoy in this present birth. This is known as Prarabdha karma. Mere human life does not ensure that we are without prarabdha. Even Mahatmas like Pujya Raman Maharshi suffered Prarabdha by way of cancer.

2.Jiva is the Atman surrounded by the five sheathsof Annamaya Kosa, Pranamaya Kosa, Manomaya kosa, Vignanamaya kosa and Andamaya Kosa. We will visualise aburnig lamp as Atman. It is covered by five overlapping sheaths.
Jivatma refersto theAtmasurrounded by the subtle body of last three sheaths after the gross body has dropped due to death.
Atma is the Chaitanya-that which gives us life, sentience, without which we will be the same as a stone. Atma is our true nature. It is immutable, eternal and one which has no beginning nor end.It is nothing but our true nature.
Paramatma is the sum total of all the Atmas. Take a small pot. There is spaceinside the pot. Let us call this Atma. When a pothe sat is broken, the space merges with the room.If I break the walls of the room, thtotal spacee space mergeswith the buiding.suppose I break all the buldings on this earth, the space merges with the so called outer space which is one whole space. That is Paramatman.so the space in the pot is actually apart of the total space or Paramatman.
Moksha and Mukti areone and the same. When the Pure Atman is liberated from the surounding sheaths and and merges with the Brahman or Paramatman ,such astate is Mukti or Moksha.
if you can join the Foundation and Advanced Vedanta courses in CFI, all these concepts are very nicely taught.
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