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  1. umashankar
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 27 February 2019
Following are the clarifications that we seek on chapter one
1. Arjuna was in a stressed condition however he uses different names of Krishna for each verse. Is it just a poetical skill of sage Vyasa or there is significance of Arjuna choosing appropriate name of lord for each verse.
2. What is the relevance of ceremonies to forefathers and existence of their world to our present society/world. Are these ceremonies really required to be performed under present circumstances?
3. If the battle is viewed as internal to each human being, there is fight between positive thoughts and negative thoughts inside us based on the situation we face. It also makes sense as we are like Arjuna, delusion sets in naturally. From this stand point, the applicability of verses 40-45 in our daily life is not clear.
4. This question is not connected with the chapter one. However pujiya swamiji in his talk touched upon Hanuman becoming the next Brahama after cessation of the existing cosmic order. Does Advaita support this theory?
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