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  3. 08 June 2019
Dear All:

My salutations.

I need to understand meanings of the words used in the Verses recited by Swamiji at the beginning of each Discourse. I think they are called Dhyana Slokas. I would like to memorize these Verses but I cannot do the same unless I know the meaning of each word.As suggested by you I am giving examples of the following 3 words from the three Verses. Pl note that I need the meanings for each word for the entire Verse.

Verse 1

* Śruti
* Smrtii
* Purananam
…. rest of the Verse

Verse 2

* Samasta
* Jana
* Kalyane
… rest of the Verse

Verse 3

* Mukam
* Karoti
* Vacalam

…. rest of the Verse


Chanda Haté
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Detailed explanation has been provided by Swamiji in the 1st Video of the MGML ... you can refer the same ...

Just listen with utmost bhakti, automatically remember... No need any special effort ...
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श्रुतिस्मृतिपुराणानां आलयं करुणालयं ।
नमामि भगवत्पादं शङ्करं लोकशङ्करम् ॥

sruti smriti purananam alayam karunalayam ।
namami bhagavatpadam sankaram loka sankaram ॥

sruti- vedas (that which is heard), smriti- epics/shastras (that which is remembered) purananam-religious texts (ancients stories), alayam - abode, karunalayam - abode of kindness,
namami - I bow down, bhagavat-padam divine-feet, sankaram - Sri Sanskaracharya, loka - world, sankaram - emancipator

I bow down to divine feet of Shri Sanskaracharya, who is the abode of shruti, smriti & puranas, who is the abode of kindness and who is the emancipator of the world.

समस्तजनकल्याणे निरतं करुणामयम् ।
नमामि चिन्मयं देवं सद्गुरुं ब्रह्मविद्वरम् ॥

Samasta-jana-kalyane niratam karunamayam ।
namami Chinmayayam devam sadgurum brahmavidvaram ॥

Samasta - all, jana - people, kalyane - welfare, niratam - ever, karunamayam - all compassionate
namami - I bow, Chinmayayam - Chinmaya devam - Lord/God sadgurum - Sadhguru (Spiritual preceptor) brahma-vid-varam - Brahman-knower-best

Salutations to Sadhguru Chinmaya, the best among knowers of Brahman, who is all compassion and remains ever engaged in the welfare of the people.

मूकं करोति वाचालं पङ्गुं लङ्घयते गिरिं ।
यत्कृपा तमहं वन्दे परमानन्द माधवम् ॥

Muukam Karoti Vaacaalam Panggum Langghayate Girim ।
Yat-Krpaa Tamaham Vande Param-Aananda Maadhavam ॥

Muukam-Dumb Karoti- Vaacaalam-speech Panggum - lame Langghayate - cross Girim - mountain,
Yat-Krpaa - whose grace, Tamaham - to Him, Vande - praise Param-Aananda - supremely blissfull Maadhavam - Madhava,

I praise supremely blissfull Lord Madhava by whose Grace the dumb become eloquent and the lame can cross the mountains.

हरि ॐ
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Hari Om!
Manohrji, salutations! You have explained the three verses with extreme clarity. Thank you!
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