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  1. Radharani
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 28 February 2019
In Chapter 2 introduction the six schools of Philosophy have been talked about.
My question is on Sankhya Philospohy of Patanjali. According to the chart given it comes under Theistic Atheism and is Sa-Iswara as well. 'Theistic Atheism' believes in the vedic declarations but not in the One Eternal factor - 'Brahman'. But Patanjali added the concept of Iswara as well so why is this branch under 'Theistic Atheism' and not 'Theistic Theism'?

The other Sankhya Philiosphy of Kapila has clearly No God Principle so it makes sense to me that it is under Theistic Atheism but Patanjali's does not.

Could this be because it says in the explanation that 'Theistic Atheism' does not believe that Truth can be realized by the study, reflection & deep meditation on Upanishadic Truths?

Can you please help clarify this.
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