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  1. Manohar
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 29 April 2019
Hari Om,

We came across reference of Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi couple of times in our course. There is a Meditation suggested by Sri Ramana Maharishi :

Who am I ?

Please let me know how to practice this. I come to certain point in this but afterwards there is void and am not making progress.

Second meditation I came across from a quote by Pujya Gurudev.

1. Observe(A) your thoughts
2. Observe(B) the Observer (A) in 1
3. Observe the Observer(B) in 2

Again please let me know to how to practice this. Aren't A & B the same?

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Hari Om!

From Upadesa Sara by Ramana Maharishi:
First separate all thoughts into इदम (idam) and अहं (aham)
इदम are thoughts of the world (i.e anything seen heard touched smelled or tasted eg sun moon stars etc)
अहं is the i (ego) - normally if you ask yourself “who is seeing this world?” (Step #1 ) you would say “i am seeing the world” - the “i “ in this response is अहं (Observer A in #1)
Next step is - ask what is the source of this “i “? For eg this “i “ is also changing since it is common to think “i am a man” or “i am a father” or “I am young” or “i am an artist” etc
Who is witnessing even this “i” to be changing? That is the greater अहं (“I”) (Observer B in 2)
This greater अहं cannot be witnessed since that अहं is me - in that अहं all three (Jiva (i), Jagat (Idam) and Ishwar ) merge into One

From Drg Drsya Viveka:
Many colors but 1 eye - eye is the observer of world
Sharpness or fullness of vision - mind is the observer of eye
Desire, fanciful imagination, doubt, faith, faithlessness, fortitude, modesty - Sakshi is the “observer” of mind
That Sakshi can never become the observed - don’t even try to observe it since That Sakshi is me
Be careful to note that Sakshi or the bigger I is not limited by body mind intellect ie that reality exists everywhere
  1. Manohar
  2. 5 months ago
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Thank you for the explanation Mahavir ji.

This greater अहं cannot be witnessed - we have to accept this from the authority of Guru and scriptures. But how to experience it and how do you know when you reached that position? My experience is I reach a state of nothingness or void. How long do we be in this state. Not clear from this point onwards.

Is the Drg Drsya Viveka in reference to second meditation?

Hari Om.
  1. Mahavir
  2. 5 months ago
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Hari Om! Both were in reference to the second meditation

About experience, from what I’ve heard, It cannot be experienced like a sense object but it is that by which everything else can be experienced - so the usual way of experience should be given up

In Vivekchoodamani, same question on state of nothingness is posed by a Sadhaka to Guru - Guru responds that there is One by which that nothingness is revealed! That is the Self -
The analogy is if you go into a room and say there was no one in the room, it is not true. The one who witnessed the empty room was in the room!

On similar lines Ramana Maharishi in his typical answer to any question would say - “find out who is asking that ?”

As long as there is experience, experienced and experiencer there is darkness - when those are not present there will only be light

Lastly, this topic is best referred to Br. Vedji who has been teaching how to meditate.
  1. Manohar
  2. 4 months ago
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Hari Om!

Thank you Mahavir ji for your explanation.

I know that the Self cannot be experienced like an object since it is the subject itself. I meant to ask how to know it - I think witnessing the thinker is the right way to put it.

There was a typo in my first post. Second meditation should have been:
3. Observe(C) the Observer(B) in 2

I am thinking C & B should be same but why can't be there be multiverse of observers. One should find it out on his/her own. Only thing is to know if you are in the right direction :)

I think we are reaching the limitation of written word when trying to explain the inexpressible.

It is difficult to reach Br Ved ji. I have put across a word but did not get any response.

BTW for online participants I am trying to come up with some ideas to effectively take part in this course and get more from it. Starting a separate post for it. Please share your suggestions.

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