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  1. VINOD
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 12 May 2019
Hari OM,

For Chapter Names
Chapter-02 (Part A)
Chapter-02 (Part B)

Under column Marks it shows N/A
Under column Grade it shows Not Applicable

It appears that these 'Self Assessment' Q&A are for our own
evaluation and understanding and the marks obtained will not
be (calculated or part of) as our final Grade. Please clarify/confirm. Thanks very much.

With Prem and OM
Vinod Kumar
Enrollment Number: MGMLO1904S26865
  1. Manohar
  2. 4 months ago
  3. #109
Per my understanding, the self assessment Qs are to check our understanding of the subject. There is no grading or final scores for this course. However I have assigned Nagaraj ji to clarify it further.
The real test is how well you have applied the learning to your life and mastered it.

Hari Om.
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That Marks and Grades column was something that got used when I was doing the correspondence course through the web for B'Gita online and once we wrote an exam and submitted the paper, it would get checked and graded by someone and given back to us to review and a grade would be assigned. In this MGML course, the form used is google forms and objective, multiple choice questions are being asked so far, and at the end of it you get the correction / answers anyhow. So it is more likely for your personal study and reflection. Anyway this course is all for personal life improvement...
Perhaps like ManoharJi said, someone has been asked to find the answer.
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