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Resolved Sequencing

  1. Krishnan
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  3. 11 March 2019
With reference to Chapter 2, why did the Lord start explaing the nature of self first before asking Arjuna to perform duty.
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Hari Om

Read the sequence carefully it is there. Lord Krishna had asked Arjuna to fight (perform duty) in verse 2.2 and 2.3.

Lets just see this in little more detail.

At end of chapter 1, Arjuna has presented his arguments to not engage in war and was left in such a grief (actually misplaced) that his bow slipped and he sat down on the chariot.

At start of Chapter 2
2.1 The Blessed Lord said: Whence is this perilous condition come upon thee, this dejection, un-Aryan-like, heaven-excluding, disgraceful, O Arjuna?

2.3. Yield not to impotence, O Partha! It does not befit thee, Cast off this mean weakness of heart! Stand up, O Parantapa (O scorcher of foes) !

These are strong words admonishing Arjuna to give up his mental weakness and fight (choose duty).

Un-Aryan means that Arjuna is doing something not worthy of fighter. Also for Kshatriya dying in battle means going to higher planets. In the next verse - Stand up is to take up bow & arrow and fight.

However, these words were lost on Arjuna and he expressed the great loss of life that will follow due to the war. He was caught up in his own hysteria and arguments so to say. More than svadharma-moha, it was Atma-moha that was the real condition of Arjuna's mind.

Therefore Lord Krishna had to explain to Arjuna from the highest standpoint and then various other view points including duty of Kshatriya (2.31, 32) and later chapter why sannyasa is not for Arjuna.

I think you have similar question in other thread. Request you to close the thread if your question is resolved. It will help us all to address more questions and grow in knowledge together. Hari Om.
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As a follow-up to this response, it will be helpful to go through Swamiji's video on Chapter 2 (Part A) Discourse 4 (6:30)


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