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  1. Nandini
  2. Master Gita Master Life
  3. 27 February 2019
Hari Om!

Svadharma or one's duty is a concept that is highly important in the Second chapter. For Jiva, represented by Arjuna and which we all are,there are so many "Duties" that enjoin our stage and station in life. Especially when one is in the productive age of say 20-60 years, each person goes through so many duties. Duty towards family,neighborhood, community, work, religion, nation etc. etc, Everyone gets into some dilemma of sorts when these duties conflict. For instance,a woman working in an office finds it stressful to manage home duties and balance with her work pressure. A man needs to attend an urgent meeting when there is a Puja at home. In the present time of super competition and super stress, conflicting duties pose a big question-this first or that?

In terms of Swadharma,what is the hierarchy of duties?
  1. Harish
  2. 6 months ago
  3. #56
Hari Om. I am remembering Pujya Swamiji's talk about Urgent and important. When we leave important things (our duty) they become urgent and we have to perform them Urgently. While there can be some conflicts, in the hierarchy some general things should be kept in mind. For e.g. For a Doctor or a fireman to attend an emergency or a soldier to be on the war front even when the wife is expecting helps us to clarify our thoughts.
In the beginning we have more physical and mental attachment. As we evolve the intellect is in control. You might have read the story of Lokmanya Tilak when the jailor brought the message about his wifes death, He said he had no time for personal grieving when the whole nation was grieving. A similar story about Sardar Vallabhbhai is also there.
We should dedicate all our work to the Lord.
We need to declutter ourselves. Young children have many activities that they are involved with because the parents want them, If we consider ourselves as the coustodian of Gods children our attachment will be less, it will not decease our love or what we do for them. Indeed it will increase our love for them, if we think of them as precious beings God has given us to raise.
In Shri Guru Smaran Smiriti
  1. Nandini
  2. 6 months ago
  3. #60
Hari Om! Harishji, thanks for your response.
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