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Learning Sanskrit Language Structure - Level I

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DVD:15 in one set

A set of 15 DVDs containing lectures of Level 1 of 'Learning Sanskrit Language Structure' by Prof. V. N. Jha and Dr. Shivani V. held at CIF from June 13-26, 2014 Level 1 covered the following topics:
Introduction to the Basic Structure of Sanskrit Language: Sandhi - Arrangement of Sanskrit sounds from micro-level to macro-level; Orthography.
'Learning Sanskrit Language Structure' is a 5-Level Course. The Aim of the Course is to familiarize the student with the basic structure of the Sanskrit language in such a way that the student understands the syntactic structure of Sanskrit language with ease, can prepare prose-order of a Sanskrit verse and can grasp the methods to develop reading, writing, comprehending and speaking skills; ultimately of course, to gain the ability to handle the original Sanskrit Texts.

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