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Vyāsa – Vālmīki – Kālidāsa ~ The Fountainheads of Indian Knowledge Tradition

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The universal spirit of the Vedic texts and the sublime beauty of Indian culture are enshrined in the immortal literary works of Vālmīki, Vyāsa, and Kālidāsa. The past, the present, and the future of Indian ethos are captured in the works of these three poets. This unbroken heritage deeply rooted in all strata of the society finds expression in art and craftsmanship spanning entire civilizational area of Bhārat.  Dr. R. Ganesh gave a broad vision of this transcendental tradition through lectures and lecture-demonstrations.

These DVDs are recordings of lectures and lecture-demonstrations during the Workshop Vyāsa – Vālmīki – Kālidāsa: Realizing the Spirit of Indian Culture through their Creations jointly organized by CIF and Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth in June 2017.

Śatāvadhāni Dr. R. Ganesh, the Academic Director for the Workshop, is a renowned scholar-philosopher, a poet and author, a polyglot and polymath is a practitioner of the uniquely Indian art of Avadhāna.

Seminars and lecture-demonstrations of Prof. B. Mahadevan (VC-Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, Director- IIM Bangalore), Arjun Bharadwaj (Sanskrit poet and researcher), B. N. Shashi Kiran (Sanskrit aesthetician), Anupama Hoskere (puppeteer), Dr. Nagavalli Nagaraj (music exponent), Ramaa Bharadvaj (dancer, choreographer, and storyteller) and Nirupama and Rajendra (Bharatanrityam & Kathak performers and choreographers) are also included.


Units in box: 17 DVD 34 Talks
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