Swami Ramakrishnananda's US tours

Schedule of Swami Ramakrishnananda's in USA for 2017

Schedule of Swami Ramakrishnanandaji 2017

Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta

Chinmaya Mission Alpharetta experienced a tremendous blessing just a week after the regular sessions opened up after the summer break. It was in the form of Swami Ramakrishnanandaji’s one-of-a-kind yagna, from Aug 17th thru the 24th held at our Chinmaya Gurukul ashram.

The topic chosen was Tattva Bodh. Swamiji’s unique “4 D presentation” using catchy power point slides, interesting representations on the writing board, innovative props & Swamiji’s own characteristic humor filled action oriented talks made his yagna a huge hit with the audience of about 150 or more, of all ages.

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The topic was tough for an audience with varying degrees of understanding of Vedanta, but Swamiji managed to get thru even the subtlest concepts with ease and clarity, thanks to his unique style, much to the satisfaction and joy of all.

There were many highlights of this yagna – One was his usage of props that quickly enabled all to not only connect, but also remember the concept very easily – For eg. To show the uniqueness of the sadhana chatushtaya, Swamiji brought 4 fruits – apple, pear, orange and cucumber each indicating viveka, vairagya, shatsampati and mumukshatva respectively pointing to the characteristic of the fruit (eg orange with many slices showed the various sampatis etc).

Another highlight that kindled the inquisitive child in all of us was Swamiji’s demonstration of the panchikarana process using colored rice. Swamiji had rice colored in 5 different colors, each ‘pile’ representing a tanmatra. Swamiji did the division and recombining of various groups of rice until all the 5 elements (as represented by the mixed portions of the colored rice) were formed.

Swamiji made time to address the Bala Vihar children. During the short time, the 600+ children learnt the powerful message of importance of sense control when they saw the demo of “children-chariot” going around the assembly. While addressing the teachers, Swamiji inspired them about the great seva they do. Swamiji also met with the parents and gave some key messages on parenting in a humorous way.

There were many other wonderful highlights of the yagna, including the many fun bhiksha sessions which filled people with lots of joy!

While CMA awaits a year to hopefully have Swamiji visit us again, the lessons taught from Tattva bodha especially ones with props, is sure to stay in the minds of all for a long time.



Chinmaya Mission Boston, Metrowest

For the fourth year in succession, Chinmaya Mission Boston, Metro West chapter played grateful hosts to an engaging Jnana Yagna brought to life by Swami Ramakrishnanandaji, Chinmaya Mission Nagapattinam. “SRK Swamiji”, as Swami Ramakrishnanda is endearingly referred to at the chapter, conducted the 6-day Jnana Yagna at the Knights of Columbus in Westborough, MA on the “Essence of The Bhagavad Gita” between October 8 and October 13, 2017. The lecture series were held over the course of six 90-minute sessions. Swamiji brought to the Yagna his signature style of conveying the messages contained in Hindu Vedic scriptures using humor, simple language and engaging PowerPoint slides.

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In addition, this year, attendees saw Swamiji unleash a new ‘astra’ from his arsenal – the use of props from our daily routine that brought to life the essence of messages contained in each of the first six chapters of The Gita. The result was nothing short of magical – not only did complex and deep concepts contained in The Gita become easily understandable and relatable to the spiritual seekers among us, but also, those concepts have now stuck to our collective consciousness so firmly that forgetting them will require effort!

Once again we would like to express our sincere and heartfelt gratitude and thanks to CIF for organizing Swamiji’s trip to various centers in US.

Below are some first-hand accounts of the experiences attendees had after participating in the Jnana Yagna.
“The 6 day yagna has been a wonderful experience for me and the others who were able to experience it. With the excellent demonstrations and the powerful PowerPoint presentations there have been no ambiguities as to what we learned and the path we should follow in life. Swamiji was very precise and thorough making it possible for everyone to understand the fundamentals of the Bhagavad Gita. Using clear and simple language, his examples, ideas and thoughts were not only powerful but his ability to help us understand the material amazed me. The six days just flew by with his humor and capability to tell stories that was so apt to the chapters we discussed. The sounds, the expression and the explanation was superb and it is hard to forget the joyous laughter and the smiles on the faces of all of us was something that cannot be expressed. This was all with immense satisfaction and understanding from each and every individual had on their faces.”

“Swamiji gave us the gift of simplifying something so difficult to understand, by making the Bhagavad Gita understandable for all ages with precision. Using the analogy of the game of cricket for the first chapter he articulated so well showing us the example of a cricket bat as being our power of discrimination (between good and bad) and the wickets and the bail being our body, mind and intellect (BMI). He explained in such a simple language as to how if any of the wickets are hit by the ball the rest of wickets fall off to the ground. He further explained to us as to how we should have a steady mind and protect ourselves which is the BMI like how you protect the wickets from the ball with the bat.”

“The prop that sticks to mind is the jug of water with a lid. Swamiji so beautifully explained in the second chapter about the conversation that Arjuna had with Krishna. As Krishna was telling Arjuna about him going into the war Arjuna just shut him down and was not willing to listen to him. This he explained it so beautifully that as we fill the jug and decide to fill it half way and close it with the lid there is no way of keeping the jug full. Similarly, we should keep our minds open to suggestions and not shut it off which hinders our thinking.”

“I was especially lucky to be one the few sevikas who were given the blessing to spend time with Swamiji after the lecture, during the Satsang and I cannot but appreciate and love every bit of knowledge that Swamiji was able to teach me. I gladly soaked in Swamiji’s abundance of Vedanta Knowledge and I am thrilled to practice it in my day to day life. Swamiji’s wisdom is something that will not be forgotten.”

“Swamiji, we already miss your lectures and we are eagerly waiting for your next visit to Metro West. We look forward to seeing you for many years to come, year after year. Hari Om!”


Chinmaya Mission Washington

Swami Ramakrishnananda visted Chinmaya Mission Washington Regional Center during his trip to the US in Aug-Nov 2017.

Swamiji taught introductory level Sanskrit on Aug 27 and Aug 28 for about 6 hours on both days. From Aug27through September 1, 2017, Swamiji taught advanced level Sanskrit 90 minutes every day. About 50 members from Virginia and Maryland benefited from the classes.

Swamiji’s unique style of teaching was appreciated by all. Even though the advance level classes on weekdays, most of them rearranged their schedule and attended the classes.

On September 2, about 35 members attended the satsang. Swamiji spoke on Shri Rama the Ideal Man from the view points of Valmiki, Kalidasa and Kamban. Swamiji spoke on the 16 values emboidied by SHri Rama.Swamiji said at the end of the talk, the satsang was an introduction to what he wants to do when he visits next year. CMWRC is eagerly looking forward to Swamiji’s visit in 2018.