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Devī Māhātmyam ~ Caritam 2

with Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati, Acharya CIF


Adi Sankara Nilayam

(Maternal brith home of Śrī Ādi Śaṅkarācārya)

Devī Māhātmyam:

This text describes the Goddess as ‘Śakti’, the Supreme power and creator of the Universe. This text, composed in Sanskrit, is part of the MārkaṇḍeyaPurāṇa and consists of 13 chapters and 700 mantras. It is also known as Durgā Saptaśati or Caṇḍī-pāṭha. In most parts of India, it is the most renowned text dedicated to the worship of Devi Durgā, and it is recited during Navrātrī celebrations and the Durga Pūjā festival.

The Devī Māhātmyam recounts a victorious battle between good and evil, where the Devī manifesting as Goddess Durgā leads the forces of good against the demon Mahiṣāsura.  In peaceful times, states the text, the Devī manifest as Goddess Lakṣmī, empowering wealth creation and happiness. The verses of this story also outline a philosophical foundation. It also describes reverence and worship of the feminine aspect of God. It is often ranked to be as important as the Bhagavad-gītā.

Camp Highlights

  • Devī Māhātmyam chanting
  • Guided Meditation

  • The detailed story of Devī Māhātmyam

  • Spiritual and Symbolic meaning of this Scripture

  • Celebrate Uttaram Mahotsavam – joyous celebration of Lord Ayyappa's festival on March 31, 2018

Event Start Date 26-03-2018
Event End Date 31-03-2018
Acharya Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati
Text/Subject Devi Mahatmyam - Caritam 2
Language English
Type Public

Chinmaya International Foundation, in collaboration with School of Vedic Maths®, bring to you the 9th Annual Residential Camp "VEDIC MATHRIX - 2018 ~ Unlocking the Code"

Faculty: Shri Vinay Nair, Author of CIF's Vedic Mathematics Home Study Course

Camp Highlights

• Magic Squares
• Introduction to Cryptography
• Number Theory
• Numerical codes
• History of Indian Mathematicians, Group Discussions, Debates, Indoor & Outdoor Games.

Event Start Date 16-04-2018
Event End Date 20-04-2018
Acharya Vinay Nair
Text/Subject Ancient Indian Mathematics
Language English
Type Public

Chinmaya International Foundation invites you to Adi Sankara Mahotsavam 2018 ~ Devoted to the study of

Aparokshanubhuti with Swami Advayananda, Acharya CIF
Kanakadhara Stotram with Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati, Acharya CIF

at Adi Sankara Nilayam
(ancestral birth home of Sri Adi Sankaracharya)

The Self cannot be perceived by senses; nor can It be captured by mind and intellect. But It can be realised intuitively by the innermost self-experience (aparokshanubhuti). Using his unique poetic style, Adi Sankaracharya elucidates the path to Self-realisation in a well-known Prakarana-grantha titled Aparokshanubhuti.

Kanakadhara Stotram
Kanakadhara Stotram was composed by Sri Adi Sankara beseeching Devi Mahalakshmi to shower Her grace on the poor lady who could only offer a single amalaka as bhiksha to Sri Adi Sankara. This enchanting composition is filled with divine beauty and devotion.

~ An opportunity to celebrate Adi Sankara Jayanti on April 20th and Gurudev Nakshatra Jayanti on April 23rd ~

Event Start Date 19-04-2018
Event End Date 23-04-2018
Acharya Swami Advayananda and Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati
Text/Subject Aparokshanubhuti and Kanakadhara Stotram
Language English
Type Public

Chinmaya International Foundation in collaboration with School of Vedic Maths® bring to you a 5-day Residential Camp 

SIMPLI5 ~ Patterns in Shapes and Numbers

at Chinmaya Vibhooti

Faculty: Shri Vinay Nair, Author of CIF's Vedic Mathematics Home Study Course

Camp Highlights

  • Explorations in Triplets and Tetrads
  • Cyclic Quadrilaterals
  • Use of Geometry and Graph Theory in Yantras
  • History and Development of Mathematics in India
  • Group Discussions, Debates, Indoor & Outdoor Games
Event Start Date 03-06-2018
Event End Date 07-06-2018
Acharya Vinay Nair
Text/Subject Ancient Indian Mathematics
Language English
Type Public

Vedic Maths @ Chinmaya Maauli Ashram, Pune

Faculty: Vinay Nair, Author of CIF's Vedic Mathematics Home Study Course

Camp Highlights

  • Faster calculation techniques
  • Learning through pattern-observations
  • Multiple ways of solving problems
  • Puzzles, Group Discussions, Debates, Games

Age: 11 – 13 years

Maximum number of participants: 35

Registration: Kindly send the Cheque/ Draft in favour of ‘Chinmaya International Foundation’ to
Shri Shanker, Chinmaya Nagar, Survey no.16, Wadgaon Shinde Road, Lohagaon, Pune – 411047

Event Start Date 07-06-2018
Event End Date 10-06-2018
Acharya Vinay Nair
Text/Subject Vedic Maths
Language English
Type Public

Srimad Bhagavatam:

Profound yet enchanting, Srimad Bhagavatam is a text that paints wondrous word-pictures of the Lord's myriad avatars and His divine sport. In addition, there are endearing stories of His devotees and their outpouring of love and reverence, which kindles, intensifies, and establishes deep devotion in the listener’s heart! Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanandaji, in his impeccable style, has selected some of these beautiful verses, fashioning a beautiful garland: Bhagavata Stuti Mala.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to listen to Pujya Guruji expounding this divine text for the first time at Adi Sankara Nilayam!

Diwali Celebrations:

The auspicious festival of Diwali which falls during the Camp will be celebrated with great joy and festivity. The Diwali Lakshmi Puja will be performed by Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati. It is indeed an elevating experience to witness the pujas performed by Swamiji. Swamiji has been the Acharya of the Purohit Courses conducted by the Chinmaya Mission and also the Upacharya for two batches of the Vedanta Courses at Sandeepany.

Camp Donation:

The Early Bird Discount is valid until June 28, 2018. After that, the camp donation will be as follows:

AC Accommodation INR 15000 US$ 250
Non-AC Accommodation INR 11000 US$ 200
CHYK (Non-AC Accommodation only) INR 7000  
Event Start Date 28-10-2018
Event End Date 07-11-2018
Acharya Swami Tejomayananda
Text/Subject Srimad Bhagavat
Language English
Type Public
Event Start Date 15-12-2018
Event End Date 19-12-2018
Acharya Br. Ved Chaitanya
Text/Subject Bhagavad Gita
Language English
Type Public