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A Primer of Bharatiya Darshanas (Indian Philosophical Systems)
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Editors     Subramanian Chidambaran / R>Venkata Raghavan / M.sudarshan Chiplunkar
About The Product
A Primer of Bharatiya Darshanas is an introduction to the various philosophical traditions of India. The chapters in this volume are based on the online lectures delivered by various scholars as a part of the Bharatiya Darshana Shastravali: An Introduction to Indian Philosophical Systems lecture series conducted by Chinmaya Vishwa Vidyapeeth from 27 June to 26 July 2020. With a substantial introduction, concise chapters dedicated to each of the major darshanas, an FAQ section and an elaborate bibliography, this work is bound to be of immense help to the novice readers in their intellectual quest into the rich treasure of Bharatiya Darshana Shastra.

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