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A Study of Vedic Suktas – Part 2 (Video pen Drive)
Price $ 25
Language :     English
Speaker :     Prof.Gauri Mahulikar
Publisher :     CIF
About The Product

The Vedic Suktas – Part 2 expounds on the natural phenomena, mainly the light and water principles that sustain and nourish all beings. This includes the suktas praising Parjanya, Usha, Ratri, Surya and other solar forms and Aranya, the forest deity. The other topics dealt with are: Introduction to 14 Vidyasthanas, especially the Rigveda and a brief idea of the Vedic deities as personification of natural phenomena. Prof. Mahulikar also speaks about the etymology and translations of the aforementioned Vedic suktas and their various interpretations.

These lectures by Prof. Gauri Mahlikar were recorded during the online camp on the Vedic Suktas – Part 2, held in December 2021.

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