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Sanatana Dharma Parichayah
Price $ 34
Author / Speaker     Swami Sharadananda Sarasvati
About The Product

Sanatana-dharma is the oldest and original code of conduct and living prescribed for all humans, regardless of any sectarian or ideological social labels. The only code of natural law, this code which presents the laws inherent to the Universe, simultaneously gives the most logical approach to knowing Reality. ‘Hinduism’ as we know it today, is a word used by later day invaders to describe the societies and inhabitants around the river Indus, and does not gather the precise purport of this eternal Sanatana-dharma.

In his rich and extensive lectures, Swami Sharadananda gives a deeper understanding of Sanatana-dharma and tradition with historical perspective, and the symbolism, rituals and underlying philosophy as seen in prevailing practices.

The lectures detail extensively the scriptures and their origin, the Sanskrit language, the concept of God, Avataras, ?shis, the significance of a Guru-parampara, theories of creation, the five basic duties of man, social setup, Shodasha-samskaras (16 Sacraments) and a traditional look at the cycle of birth and death as originally presented by Sanatana-dharma.

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