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Sangita Sancintanam (Reflections on Art and Artistry)
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Authors     Multiple
Editors     Dr.Swapnil Chaphekar / Dr.Ramakrishna Pejathya / Dr.Prabhavathy P.N.
About The Product

For the last ten years, every year, the Naada Bindu Festival (NBF) has

enthralled rasikas with its immersive experience of performances,

discussions, lec-dems and contemplative silences. To accompany the

11th NBF, which has gone online this year, we bring to all our rasikas an

array of essays, reflections, personal journeys and descriptions that

showcase the depth and expanse of Indian sangita – that all-

encompassing term which embraces music and dance. In these pages,

you will see the ways in which the community of artistes and

professionals engage deeply with the art – tracing its journey from the

depth of time to a niche within modernity, its movement from private

spaces to public stages, the balancing of the gurukula and the university,

the highs and lows of surrender to art, and so much more.

The voices of gurus, of students, of researchers and one anonymous

Sisya-rasika are all embedded in these pages, and the Chinmaya

Vishwa Vidyapeeth makes its first offering with the trust that the

seasoned artiste and performer will also enjoy this collection, as

certainly will the student and the rasika, the true sangita-sahr


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